COVID-19 Protocol

We are grateful to see our patients after a month of hibernation. Thank you for trusting us not only in your oral health care, but your safety. Many times we are the first faces you see after over a month of quarantine in your house. It is wonderful to interact with you, to hear how you and your families are, and of course, to help you.
We take your safety and health very seriously and thus I wanted to share our office safety improvements with you. Not only are we following the ADA and CDC guidelines, we are taking extra precautions to ensure your safety and ours.
1. According to the latest CDC guidelines, aerosols can stay in the air up to 15 minutes. To ensure your safety, we wait 1 hour between using the same room between patients after aerosol-producing procedures.

2. We installed medical-grade Oransi HEPA air purifiers in each operatory. These were independently tested to purify 99.99% of particles at .3 microns and 99.6% of particles at .1 microns. Coronavirus particles are around .1 microns in size but typically are bound to aerosols, so the total particle size is larger. The purifiers are also tested on how quickly they are able to purify the air around them. Our filters purify the operatories every 1 minute.


3. Touchless consents  – to decrease the number of surfaces you come in contact with, we can now send you consent forms and any other “paperwork” directly to your cell phone.


4. We are spacing out appointment times. We have fewer appointment slots per day now, so we suggest calling ahead of time to schedule your hygiene or doctor visit.


5. To decrease the amount of time you spend in the office, call us prior to coming in to ensure your room is ready.


6. You will now be sent a screening survey to your phone prior to your arrival.

7. We use disinfectants approved by the CDC for coronavirus
Again, we thank you for your trust and look forward to re-connecting with you. Stay healthy and safe.