Dental Bridge McLean

A dental bridge is an alternative option for replacing one or more adjacent tooth. Tooth loss can occur to anyone. Therefore, it is important to understand your options. Dental bridges will restore your smile. In addition, chewing and speaking is improved by replacing missing teeth. Patients in need of teeth replacement are encouraged to learn more about dental bridges. Then, schedule a consultation to discover your best treatment options.
dental bridge McLean VA

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge offers teeth replacement to one or more adjacent tooth. To illustrate, it consists of two dental crowns at each end with a pontic tooth in the middle. Dental bridges are adhered using existing teeth or dental implants. This method offers patients a more natural appearing result. In addition, patients prefer bridges because they are permanently fixed. There is no need to remove them. Likewise, maintenance is simple.

How do I care for my dental bridge?

Your dental bridge will require regular dental hygiene. Since traditional flossing will not be possible in the pontic sites, our hygienists will show you modified techniques to pass the floss through the contact areas so you’re able to keep the underside of the bridge clean. Hence, proper cleaning and regular maintenance of your bridge will extend the longevity of the prosthesis.

What is the procedure?

If natural teeth are used, the abutment teeth are contoured to properly hold the bridge in place. When dental implants are used as abutments, the bridge is held in by custom metal attachments.

Speak to us about teeth replacement.

Schedule an exam and consultation to learn about teeth replacement options, like dental bridges. We will evaluate your mouth structure and medical history to recommend the best treatment. Call (703) 356-4822 or book an appointment online. Our dental office is conveniently located at 1826 Westmoreland St. McLean, VA 22101.