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A dental crown is a restorative treatment used to protect weak and damaged teeth. For example, a patient may need a dental crown to cover a tooth that had a root canal treatment. Crowns are also used in conjunction with dental implants and bridges. Dental crowns are made of different materials depending on the patient’s preference. They are custom-made to properly fit in the patient’s mouth and function like a normal tooth.
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What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns are tooth-like caps that cover the entire exposed tooth. As mentioned above, they are custom-made to assure the patient’s bite is comfortable and appearance is ideal. In addition, customizing a dental crown involves choosing the appropriate material. Dental crowns are commonly made of:

  • Porcelain: very durable and appears most natural
  • Zirconia: durable and colored for a natural appearance
  • Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal: combination of porcelain and metal

When is a dental crown recommended?

Dental crowns are recommended to cover damaged or weak teeth in situations such as: root canal treated teeth, teeth with large cracked fillings, or when a large fracture can be seen in a tooth. Crowns are also used on top of implants to replace missing teeth. Some patients may also benefit from dental crowns for cosmetic reasons as well. For example, a dental crown could be recommended for a severely discolored tooth due to childhood trauma.

What does the procedure involve?

In our office, we have the CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) capabilities to design and deliver your crown same day, without the need for a temporary crown and a second visit. Under local anesthesia, the tooth is contoured to fit under the crown. An optical scan is then taken of the tooth, the crown is designed on a CEREC software, and milled. The crown is then custom color matched to your adjacent teeth. The crown is all-ceramic for the best aesthetic result. Since there is no metal substructure, there is no chance for nickel allergy or any unaesthetic grey hue underneath, even when your gums naturally recede with age. The crown is then permanently cemented on to your tooth. Once the anesthesia wears off (usually within an hour or two post-procedure), you are able to chew, brush, and smile right away!

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