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A dental emergency deserves immediate attention for your oral health. For example, patients experiencing tooth pain are recommended to contact us right away. Tooth pain is an obvious sign that an underlying issue is present. However, the severity will not be determined until a thorough examination is performed. Learn more about dental emergencies and contact us with any concerns or questions.
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Dental Emergencies Include the Following:

– Abscessed Tooth
– Tooth Damage or Fracture
– Damaged Dental Work (crowns, fillings, implants, bridges, etc.)
– Avulsed Tooth

Abscessed Tooth

An abscess is typically a result of bacterial infection in a tooth. This may happen due to injury or tooth decay. As a result, patients may notice tooth pain, however, many times symptoms can be absent and an abscess may suddenly occur. For this reason, we recommend having a full series of x-rays of your teeth every 5 to 7 years.

Tooth Damage or Fracture

Injuries may occur to the mouth resulting in tooth damage or fracture. If trauma occurs, it is important to contact a dental professional right away. Fractures can expose the more vulnerable layers of the tooth to bacteria. Seek immediate attention if you think or you can see there is damage to the tooth.

Damaged Dental Work

Patients should note that damaged dental work needs immediate attention as well. For example, loose crowns and bridges need to be corrected right away. The underlying tooth could become exposed to bacteria and lead to infection. In addition, damaged fillings can also expose the tooth to bacteria. Contact us right away if you notice a change in your dental work.

Avulsed Tooth

An avulsed tooth can occur from injury or severe periodontal disease. If a tooth comes out of its place contact a dental professional right away. Or, if a tooth came out due to trauma, we will guide you on how to package it and bring it to the office. If it is an adult tooth many times it can be put back successfully. Do not attempt to place the tooth back yourself.

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