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Was beginning to have trouble with a tooth (dull pain with infrequent stabs of severe pain), but it was hard to nail down which tooth was the problem. Charlton used excellent analysis techniques in isolating the problem tooth, and then immediately took the initial steps to begin remediation, which also relieved the pain. Excellent work! The Lord has blessed Charlton with a lot of talent, and I am blessed to have him as my dentist. 5 stars

07-24-15  Roland S.  Vienna, VA

Best dental practice I have ever been associated with! I have been with Dr. Ho for a very long time and will continue to do so. Staff are friendly, courteous, highly knowledgeable, professional, and fun to interact with.. Feels like family! 5 stars

06-30-15  Andre P.  Warrenton, VA

I have been with them for over 20 years. I have recommended him to my colleges and friends. I also have the added benefit of making my wife wait for me in the waiting room while I being helped. BTW, I love the WIFI.5 stars

04-08-15  Renee W.  Fairfax, VA

It is nice to be in a pleasant, personal, friendly environment for my dental care. Coming back and seeing my same hygienist, Laurie, each time gives the sense of belonging and being more like family. And the dental care is excellent. It makes the whole experience very positive. 5 stars

03-24-15 John F.  Oakton, VA

Dr. Ho and his staff accomodated me on a moment’s notice when I know there schedule was full to treat a cracked root. They worked me into their schedule and did a great job explaining the process and working very effectively to treat my issue. Root canals are not supposed to pleasant, yet I took a nap during the process. Dr. Ho and his staff are top of the class! 5 stars

01-14-15  Brian S.  Falls Church, VA

Dr. Ho and his staff are delightful. For example, my children are excited about going to the dentist the morning of their bi-annual check ups! How fantastic is that? They are also honest and not into tacky “up-selling” dental care that is not needed. I appreciate their honesty and care. 5 stars

3-20-14 Anonymous

Our family has been seeing Dr. Ho and his partner Dr. Mistry for over ten years. Dr. Ho provided orthodontics services for my husband and me. Our smiles look great! He is a perfectionist when it comes to his office and his patients’ teeth. He stays current with the latest technology, has a wonderful staff and all appointments take place on schedule. Our kids look forward to visiting his office for their regular cleanings because they are made to feel very special. Great dentist! 5 stars

02-16-12 Denise W.  Washington, DC

As far as great dentistry – you will never to better that Drs. Ho and Mistry. Absolutely competent, technically superb and they put you at ease during the visit all the while explaining what’s going on! All the latest equipment and the best technology! Receptionist is always helpful and friendly – makes the visit a pleasure!! 5 stars

05-05-11 John R.  Linden, VA

I go to Dr. Ho first because I trust him. He provides excellent care and has never pressured me into expensive treatments or upsells like I have experienced with other dentists. I also go because he and the staff are so warm and friendly. It makes going to the dentist something I actually look forward to. Seriously. 5 stars

03-30-11  Anonymous

I completely trust Dr. Ho and my hygenist (Ella) is fantastic. All the staff are friendly and efficient. They seem like a family. I haven’t seen any staff turnover in years, which makes me think they all enjoy working there. Keep up the good work! 5 stars

03-01-11  Gail H.  Annandale, VA

Dr. Ho is the BEST dentist I’ve ever had. He does amazing dental work, his staff is great, too. He squeezed me in to repair a chipped tooth on two separate occasions — once very recently and once 10 years ago — and I ought to mention that the chipped tooth he repaired 10 years ago, still looks and feels great today. Like I said, Dr. Ho is the BEST — I am truly blessed to have him as my dentist! 5 stars

01-25-11 Deboraoh A.  Fairfax, VA

An extraordinary dentist who cares about people; highest quality service; small town atmosphere in a big town place. 5 stars

01-11-11  Anonymous

The staff is wonderful at this office. I always feel well-attended, and my appointments are kept; I rarely wait too long in the waiting room at all. Appointments are easy to make, with an on-line option to request one. The hygienists are experienced and don’t hurt you. Dr. Ho is a great dentist who was able to resolve some complex issues I had without incident. I recommend this practice. 5 stars

11-5-10 Anonymous

an exemplary example of extraordinary workmanship; professional expertise and first-tier business practices. doctor’s manner and patient connection was exemplary. he led the office visit (1 1/2 hour procedure) in an organized, methodical, informative and approachable manner. he applied his role as medical provider in an honest, humble, confident and expert manner—which led to the patient’s higher-level of understanding the treatment and appropriate preventative actions necessary to establish healthy long-term oral health habits. dr. ho’s style and approach are of supreme calibur. simply said, this practice sets the bar for dental practices.

5 stars

10-01-10  Anonymous

From the moment I entered to the moment I left everything was handled in a courteous and professional manner. Well Done! 5 stars

7-01-10  Robert N.  McLean, VA

First, Dr. Ho is a superior dentist, technically. Almost as important, he is very personable when it comes to diagnosing problems, and outlining various treatment options. You don’t get the feeling of being spoken to by a technician, but rather by a person. His staff is very professional and competent as well. The entire practice is first-rate. 5 stars

05-3-10  John K.