Replacement of missing teeth with dental implants could not be easier in our office using the Sirona XG3D 3-D Imaging system and CEREC Cad-Cam restorations.

Before treatment begins, we take a series of high-tech images of your mouth which allows our dentist to perform a “virtual surgery” on the computer before your actual appointment. Our dentist will use the imaged scans to map out the nerves and other anatomical structures, and with this information he can plan the perfect positioning for an implant. A Surgical guide is then fabricated from this plan and used to guide the 3 dimensional placement of the implant. This makes the surgery quick, easy and predictable, with no guesswork. 

By performing the entire procedure in our office from the surgical placement of the implant; The laboratory fabrication of the components; The fabrication of your final ceramic tooth; We keep treatment time to a minimum with the highest level of quality, safety, and accuracy.