Scaling and Root Planing McLean

Scaling and root planing is also known as a deep teeth cleaning. As plaque and tartar build up underneath the gum line, gum inflammation can occur leading to spaces called pockets. These spaces cannot be adequately cleaned with with a toothbrush nor a regular cleaning. If left untreated bacteria will further infiltrate into these pockets and cause bone loss. Read more below to learn the benefits and indications of this dental treatment.

scaling and root planing mclean va

What is scaling and root planing?

Scaling and root planing is essentially a deep teeth cleaning. To best explain, a regular dental cleaning removes plaque and tartar from teeth and gum line. Whereas, scaling and root planing removes the buildup from teeth and below the gum line. As a screening tool, your hygienist measures gum pockets at every visit. If gum pocket depth measures 5mm or more you may be a candidate for a deep cleaning to ensure the disease process doesn’t progress further.

How can I prevent plaque and tartar after the treatment?

The dental hygienist will provide recommendations to prevent buildup from reoccurring. Basic oral hygiene instructions include thoroughly brushing your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. You may want to consider brushing in between meals as well. Be sure to use a soft bristle toothbrush to avoid irritating the gums and wearing tooth enamel. In addition, we recommend using dental products approved by the American Dental Association for best results. Another way to prevent plaque and tartar buildup, is to simply maintain routine dental exams and cleanings. Many patients that are recommended for scaling and root planing have not had dental cleanings every 6 months. However, some patients are more susceptible to periodontal disease due to genetic or systemic factors such as diabetes. Speak with your dentist about prevention and maintenance of periodontal disease.

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