Root Canal Treatment McLean

A root canal treatment is a procedure that removes an infected tooth pulp. Root canal procedures are done to save and prolong the lifespan of your natural tooth. When a root canal procedure is completed, you are able to maintain the normal functions of your natural tooth. Once root canal procedure if finished, most of the time the doctor will recommend placing a crown over the tooth to prevent tooth fracture and bacterial leakage.

root canal treatment mclean va

When does one need a root canal treatment?

Dental pulp may need to be removed due to a number of reasons including previous injury and severe decay. Symptoms may or may not be present, that is why a full set of X-rays is recommended every 5-7 years. The cause of infection is usually bacterial. Once bacteria reaches the dental pulp, pain is the common symptom, however, it is not always present. To avoid tooth loss and further dental work, patients are encouraged to see the doctor immediately if having any of the below symptoms:
  • Tooth pain
  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Sudden tooth discoloration
  • Tender gums or swelling
  • Abscess

How can I avoid a tooth infection?

Preventative dental care is your first line of defense against tooth infections. We recommend brushing at least twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste and flossing daily. Also, maintain your routine dental exams and cleanings. By having dental exams every 6 months, you minimize risk of having an infection large enough to enter the dental pulp.

Schedule an exam today!

Patients suffering from tooth pain and sensitivity are recommended to schedule an exam as soon as possible. If a tooth is infected, a root canal treatment is needed in order to save the tooth. Contact our team at (703) 356-4822 or book an appointment online. Also, you may visit the office at 1826 Westmoreland St. McLean, VA 22101.